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Multi Layer Breastfeeding Pillow

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Key Benefits

✅ Comfortable for Mum & Baby - With 6 adjustable positions, you'll find the most comfortable position for both you & baby. Without the need to re-position which can disrupt your baby as they feed.

✅ Minimise digestive issues - Thanks to the variety of feeding positions this pillow offers. You'll find this reduces common digestive issues with your baby such as reflux.

✅ Ideal for post C-Section Mums - Using this pillow after having a c-section will relieve pressure from your abdomen as you feed. Making it much more comfortable for you to feed your little one.

Highly recommended over your standard breastfeeding / nursing pillow. This new pillow has proper reclining positioning that enhances digestion and reduces reflux. Providing the best support for you and your baby, feed your baby in comfort without having to worry about re-adjusting your positioning.