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Adjustable High Pressure Filtered Shower Head

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Increase water pressure with our innovative 3 mode shower head. Choose from a variety of settings for a personalised shower experience. With higher water pressure, you can enjoy a more invigorating shower that leaves your skin feeling refreshed and your hair feeling rejuvenated.

Key Benefits

✅  High Pressure Performance - Adjust the water pressure between the 3 modes. Allowing you to have an intense high water pressure shower. Leaving your skin and hair feeling deep cleaned. Or if you're after a more relaxing wash, simply tone it down with a push of the button.

Advanced Nozzle Technology - The precision-engineered nozzles increase water velocity while minimising water consumption, ensuring an eco-friendly yet powerful shower experience.

✅ Easy Install - Ready to go in a matter of seconds. Simply attach the shower head to your existing water hose in your shower and its ready to go. Or if you're looking for a new water hose too. Our shower head does include a fresh new hose as well.

Whats included?

1x High Pressure Adjustable Shower Head

1x Wall Hook

1x 1.5 meter water hose

5x filters*

*The filters are replaceable and we recommend changing them every 3-4 months. Each filter is made from a 7 layer cotton blend. Absorbing any impurities in the water. Giving you only the cleanest water in your shower.


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