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Soft Sit Up & Play Cushioned Chair

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This soft cushion chair allows your little one to practice sitting up in comfort. With leg holes and a cushioned surrounding there is no need to worry about your baby falling over / out of the chair. 

Allow them to play and learn in their new chair, we've found it to be great for early development and will encourage them to sit and play on their own as they grow.

Key Benefits

✅ Practice sitting up - From an early age teach your little one to sit up on their own. With the support of this seat they will learn quickly and will soon be able to sit on their own.

✅ A safe place - This plush padded chair provides great support for your baby as they sit, learn & play. With no need to worry about them falling over.

✅ Removable cover - Each chairs cover is removable and machine washable. Allowing you to keep it fresh & clean.