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Nordic Luxury Lounging Throw Blanket

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Indulgence knows no boundaries with our generous dimensions, ensuring that you are enveloped in sumptuousness from head to toe. Whether draped across your favourite armchair, elegantly spread over your bed, or wrapped around your shoulders, this throw blanket exudes an aura of refined elegance.

Key Benefits 

  Chunky & Breathable - Rest, relax and keep warm without overheating. Enjoy endless hours of comfort with our Luxury Lounging Blanket. It's versatility allows you to use your new blanket anywhere & everywhere.

 ✅ Reduced Stress - The texture of the blanket can help individuals reduce stress & anxiety. The blanket provides gentle, even pressure across the body, which can simulate the sensation of a comforting hug or a gentle touch. Creating a feeling of security and comfort. 

✅  Improved Sleep Quality - Many people find that using a calming blanket can lead to improved sleep quality. The soothing weight of the blanket may help individuals fall asleep faster and experience deeper sleep by promoting a sense of security and reducing restlessness.

Available sizes:

100cm x 150cm

130cm x 150cm

150cm x 200cm

Care Instructions:

Machine Washable. Air Dry Only.


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