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Children's Waterproof Wellies

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Bring some colour to the gloomy rainy days with our wonderful set of children's wellies. Available in a variety of bright colour designs. These waterproof boots are a must have to keep your little ones feet warm and dry, as no doubt they will be splashing around in every puddle they see!

Please check the size guide to ensure the correct size is selected as we use international sizing. We also recommend measuring your little ones feet to ensure the correct size is selected.

 Size Insole Length (cm) Max Foot Length Recommendation (cm) 
6 13.5 12.5
7 14.5 13.5
8 15.5 14.5
9 16.5 15.5
10 17.5 16.5
11 18.5 17.5
12 19.5 18.5
13 20.5 19.5


Add an extra layer of protection with our matching lace up liners. Attach them to the top of the wellies and fasten them to ensure no water creeps inside the boots. 

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