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Children's Coffee & Bakery Station Toy Set

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Bring the coffee house home with our children's modern coffee & bakery station.

An interactive toy set for your little one. Providing them with endless hours of fun and learning.

 Fully Functional With Running Water - Let your little one brew up their own magical coffee creations. Simply add water into the top of the machine and let the fun flow.

 Durable & Waterproof - Kids can be clumsy! Thats why we designed this toy set to be fully waterproof. So don't worry about water spills and overflows. It's all part of the fun!

 Fully Loaded With Accessories - Not only do you get the wonderful coffee machine. This includes a wide variety of accessories, including pretend food, cups & money.


Available now in 2 sets. '2 in 1' which includes the coffee machine and bakery oven. Or the '3 in 1' set which also includes the cash register attachment!

Interactive and functioning Coffee machine! Pour cold water into the top of the machine and allow it to filter back out into the cup below. A variety of sound effects will play whilst using the machine, including water pouring when the water is being used, coffee grinding & cash register sounds.

Each set includes a variety of coffee cups, sweet treats and money. 

Suitable for children 3 and over.

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