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Adjustable Memory Foam Freeform Pillow

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The solution you've been looking for, for a pain free, comfortable nights sleep.

  • Adjustable memory foam filling. Allowing custom height and firmness
  • Keeps shape and support throughout the night
  • Cooling external cover. No more overheating whilst asleep.
  • OEKO Tex Standard 100 approved - no toxic materials or chemicals.

Key benefits

✅ Provides Neck Support Through An Entire Nights Sleep - Unlike your standard memory foam pillows, our freeform pillow will keep your neck well supported throughout the entire night. Traditional memory foam pillows gradually lose their shape the longer you lay on them. Meaning you are slowly sinking into an uncomfortable position without even realising whilst you sleep. Meaning you'll be waking up with the dreaded neck pain we all despise. Our shredded memory foam provides full support & quicker rebound, no matter how long you lay on your pillow. Ultimately meaning this is the ideal solution for a well supported nights sleep.

✅ No More Aches & Pains During The Day - Wake up feeling fresh and ready to start the day in a positive way. Without the worry of those dreaded aches and pains that always sneak up on you whilst you're trying to go about your day. The optimal alignment this pillow offers particularly through the neck, shoulders and body reduces pain and stiffness.

✅ Fully adjustable - Whether you like your pillows tall or shallow or like to change occasionally, this pillow is fully customizable to your liking. Simply by removing parts of the shredded memory foam from the inner pillow, you can easily adjust the height of your pillow. Allowing you to ensure you get the comfiest sleeping position.


48x70cm (19 x 27.5 inches)

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