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Bathroom Over Toilet Storage Shelves

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Maximize storage space in your bathroom with our 1Pc Bathroom Accessories Shelf. This multi-functional storage rack is crafted from durable wrought iron and can be easily installed above the toilet tank without the need for drilling. Keep all your bathroom essentials organized and easily accessible with this over the toilet storage unit.

Key Benefits

Easy Install. No Screws - Ready to go straight out of the box. No power tools and no screws needed. Included are a set of transparent suction fixtures. These attach easily to the bottom of the storage unit and with a gentle press. Your new over the toilet storage shelves are ready to go.

Multi-Layer Storage - Choose between a single layer of storage of a 2 layer storage unit. Offering plenty of space for all of your bathroom essentials. Keeping them neat and tidy.

Fits All Toilets - Whether your toilet is completely flat or has a slight curve to it. These storage units will fit easily. Thanks to its transparent suction cups these above toilet storage shelves are compatible with all types of toilets.


4 white clips are also included allowing you to hang your brushes and wash sponges from them.

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