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Luxury Backrest Reading Pillow

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Ergonomically designed to support your back, upper body & neck, whilst offering you maximum comfort as you relax. Whether that be in bed reading, or on the sofa!

✅ Alleviate Back & Neck Pain - Relaxing on the sofa or in bed can often become uncomfortable quickly. Especially during those lengthy Netflix binges! Reducing the strain on your back & neck. This supportive Wedge Pillow allows you to rest & relax without the worry of the dreaded pain!

✅ Easy To Clean - With its removable machine washable cover. Keep your new Luxury Pillow fresh & clean with ease.

 Keep Your Phone Within Arms Reach - Keep your phone inside the side pockets, making sure it won't fall off the bed. We all know how frustrating that can be!

Additional / replacement covers can be purchased here.

Keep your phone inside the side pockets, making sure it won't fall out of arms reach. Our Luxury Backrest Pillow is ideal for those long reading sessions or those late night Netflix binges. Keeping your back and neck well supported, as we all know how painful it can be sitting in the same position for too long!


When it comes to comfort, we are all different. Thanks to this pillow you can adjust the cushioned support pillow into 3 different positions. Positioning this at the top will help support your neck, alleviating any pain you may usually experience. Having the support in the middle position helps your core and upper body stay by keeping you up up right. Stopping you from slouching! And finally the lower position is essential if you ever experience lower back pain, having this added support relieves pressure on your lower back. Allowing you to sit in comfort for longer. Or if you are feeling really creative, detach the smaller support cushion and use it as a leg rest, as you recline on the main pillow.

We guarantee this will be the most comfortable addition to your bedroom or living space. Now available in 6 colours, this pillow will be a great addition to any room. 

Easy to remove, thick & durable machine washable cover. 

Sizing: Width x Height x Depth

45 x 60 x 20cm 


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