{CLEARANCE SALE} Universal USB Bottle Warmer (Yellow)

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We all know how stressful it can be to heat up a milk bottle whilst you are away from home. Whether that be out on a walk, in a restaurant or in the car. Bring our bottle warmer with you to make feeding time on the go stress free! Compatible with all major baby bottle brands. Including Avent, Dr. Browns & Tommy Tippee.

Includes USB power cable, simply plug one end into the bottle warmer and another into a power source. Such as a portable battery pack, your car or just a plug socket if you are just at home. And let the magic happen!

Keep your babies milk warm for longer as well by keeping the bottle inside the bottle warmer! You can keep your babies bottle inside the insulated warmer even whilst you feed them. 

Your babies bottle will be ready in just a few minutes. 

Ready to use straight of the box! Simply connect the bottle warmer to a power source and heat your little ones bottle right away, wherever you are. 

- Includes USB charging cable

- Compatible with all major baby bottle brands

- Keeps your babies milk warm for longer

- Essential for when you are not home