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Premium Adjustable Shoe Storage Rack

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Discover the ultimate solution to your shoe storage needs with our Adjustable Shoe Rack, designed to bring both organisation and versatility to your space. Whether you're a sneaker enthusiast, a high-heel lover, or someone who simply wants to keep their footwear neatly arranged, this shoe rack offers a customisable storage option to fit your lifestyle.

Horizontal or Slanted Configuration: Tailor the rack to suit your preference by adjusting the unit either horizontally for a classic look or slanted for easy viewing and accessibility. Perfect for displaying your favourite pairs while maintaining order.

Compact Yet Spacious: Maximise your storage without compromising on space. The multi-tier design can accommodate up to 3 pairs of shoes per row, making it ideal for closets, entryways, or dorm rooms.

Easy Assembly. No Tools Required: Assemble your shoe rack in minutes with our user-friendly, tool-free setup. Each component seamlessly fits together, allowing for hassle-free construction and adjustments.

Suitable for All Shoe Types: From flats and sneakers to boots and heels, the adjustable shelves can be customised to fit shoes of various sizes and styles. The slanted configuration is particularly beneficial for showcasing and accessing high-heeled shoes.


4 Layer Height - 92cm / 36.2cm

Width - / 21.85 inches

Depth - 30cm / 11.8 inches

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